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Spigarelli Rev² Recurve Mittelstück ILF (25")

Spigarelli Rev² Recurve Mittelstück ILF (25")

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4 von 5 Sternen4 von 5 Sternen

Quickly shoot through arrows with it... Feel good, not so much vibration which is good

For target setup: I will score it 3/5 for sure. Reasons:
1. the connecting bolts between "plates" on the riser feel sharp.
2. It come with a clicker which is good but the clicker doesn't have a plastic plate or what so ever. And the Clicker is sharp on the edge, which will grind on your arrow every time. Can be fixed but I will through that clicker away...
3. Sight hole will not fit conventional 10/24. I cannot fit my shibuya sight on

For barebow setup, 5/5 as:
1. Comfortable handle
2. ZT-like rest pre-mounted on the bow which is good.
3. multiple thread 5/16 hole for weight setup
4. It looks super COOL.

It works well as a barebow setup. On average, I give 4/5.
bewertet am: 07.09.2022 von Hieu


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