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Hamskea Trinity Hunter Pro Pfeilauflage

Hamskea Trinity Hunter Pro Pfeilauflage

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  • Artikelnummer: A046368
  • Hersteller: Hamskea
  • Weitere Informationen zu diesem Artikel finden Sie auf der Website des Herstellers.

The Trinity Hunter Pro™ Arrow Rest simply outperforms all others combined! Its pedigree can be found in the world record setting VersaRest™ and light weighing design elements of the Hybrid Series™ arrow rests. With an ultra-smooth and stable three-stainless steel bearing foundation that supports the rotating carrier rod, our Zero Tolerance Technology™ has been taken to the next level.


The Trinity Hunter Pro™ also carries over the incredibly successful Zero Stop Technology™ for the up and down positions of the launcher, which makes for an absolute repeatable launcher position for maximum accuracy. The patented limb buffering in-line dampening coil is also at the foundation of this industry leading ultra stable arrow launching platform.

The Trinity Hunter Pro™ comes with our proven overmolded hunting launcher with an improved and more durable yet quiet proprietary overmold material. You get the best of both worlds with a quiet draw cycle and improved durability.

The Trinity Hunter Pro™ makes setup easy and fast with the introduction of the EasyGlide™ cord adjustment and tensioner. Just release the securing o-ring and slide the plate to the desired position for cord tension and re-apply the o-ring. It’s just that simple. Gone are the days of fumbling around with small fasteners and ‘footballs’.

Tunability is critical for all archers and the Trinity Hunter Pro™ allows for ultimate tunability. Micro-tune windage/elevation features come standard with the Trinity line of arrow rests. The textured spring knob provides multiple adjust positions to change the rotation tension of the launcher shaft. Coupled with the 8 sided, non-slip compression clamp design for the lever arm and the anti-bounce back dampening coil, you have everything you need to maximize your accuracy.


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