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Returns & Claims

You are unhappy with your delivery or there is a technical issue?

In any case, get in touch with us, many problems can be solved in advance. This saves shipping costs and spares the nerves of all parties involved.

If you are not satisfied with the delivered goods, please fill out the revocation form. You will find an electronic revocation form under the menu item "Useful links". You can also print out the form that you received as a PDF with your order confirmation and send it to us by e-mail or by post. Then send us the non-fitting goods with sufficient postage paid (please note, we do not accept freight unpaid shipments).

In order to be able to improve our service, we are interested in knowing the background - however, you are not obliged to give us the reasons for the cancellation within the legal revocation period. After receiving the goods and a short check on our part, we will refund you the amount via the payment method you used to pay for your order. In this case, the postage is at your expense. Please note that we can not offer a classic exchange as in the stationary trade for organizational reasons. Please order the appropriate goods directly from us in the store, in this way your new order is completely independent of the return.

If it is a complaint, for example because the function of your goods is not given or they are visually faulty, you do not need to revoke, but please send us an e-mail with a brief description of the error or use our support portal right away. You will find the link under "Useful Links". Photos - also taken with your mobile phone - are a welcome addition and help us to enforce your warranty claims with the manufacturer. We will take care of replacement as soon as possible and agree with you on the formalities regarding exchange, refund, return, etc. We will also send you a return label, if necessary, with which you can send us the defective goods.